…the FINAL film is here!

After a long, long, long wait for TUSK to hit theaters, I am so happy to share my film with everyone!  I hope you enjoy it!  Wonder through the site and check out my process of bringing this film to life.

PLEASE go see TUSK, it’s a whirlwind of a ride and was great fun to work on.  And now for your viewing pleasure…..TUSKy BUSINESS:

YouTube Preview Image

After watching my short be sure to check out this little micro-documentary about how it all came about.  Jack Pennington did an awesome job of making me not look like a fool…hahahaha.  Please enjoy and check out his other micro-docs:

YouTube Preview Image

One more thing……KEEP an eye out for the next short film in 2015…… BANGIN’ HELEN MIRREN

Oh yeah! Please subscribe to KungFuDork Studios youtube chanell!

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Release date change

Due to possible spoiler material, Kevin Smith has asked me to delay release until TUSK hits theaters in September.  I am currently finishing up the last shots with Justin Long’s puppet.  I can’t wait to share my work with everyone!  Thanks for checking in and keep an eye out for my next short film that will go into production after all post work is done with TUSKy BUSINESS.  I can’t wait for September to get here!  Thanks again for all the support!

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I am halfway through making my first stop motion short film.  Actually this is my first short film in any medium.  I’ve been a cg animator for the past 8 years and I’ve been focusing on stop motion over the past year.  So what better way to really dive into a medium than do a short film!

I will be blogging updates about my progress, but the main reason for this site is to share my production process.  So the pages within this site give details on all different parts of making this film….from puppets to animation technique.  I’m sure a few pages will be added as I get in to post production and sound design.

I hope you enjoy the information and I look forward to sharing the final film with you!  Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel by clicking the link on the right….

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